Checklist for securing your home

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  • Keep the exterior of your house brightly lit at night. Burglars are less likely to approach a well-lit area. Security lighting which is activated by movement offers a great deterrent to burglars as well as providing courtesy lighting for visitors.
  • Close the curtains and leave a light on when you go out at night.  Leave lights on a timer switch to give the illusion of occupancy even when you're away.
  • Keep fences and hedges at the front of the house low.  Hedges can provide useful natural barriers, best if thick and thorny.
  • Fitting approved locks to doors and windows is not enough if you don't use them!  Always ensure that all doors and windows are locked before you leave the house or at night before you go to bed.
  • When going on extended trips ask trusted neighbours and friends to watch your home, collect the post, mow the lawns and use your parking to give an illusion of occupancy.
  • Don’t leave your key in the lock and resist the temptation to place your key under the mat or in a flower pot, this may be convenient for you but it is also convenient for the burglar.
  • Check Callers.  If someone calls at your house claiming to be from the gas board, electricity, water or telephone company etc, or representing a commercial or retail company, then always insist on proof of identity before letting them in.  Genuine callers will expect and be pleased to offer proof.  If you are still suspicious then telephone the company concerned for verification while your caller waits outside behind the locked front door.
  • Ensure your house contents are fully insured.
  • Mark your property.  It is advisable that you mark all your valuable household items.  Special ultra violet property marking pens are available in most good DIY stores and security retail outlets.