There are broadly three different types of guarantee:

  • Installation guarantee:  A guarantee provided by the door / window installation company.
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee: The manufacturer takes responsibility for the guarantee, not the door / window installation company.
  • Insurance-backed guarantee:  The insurance company takes responsibility for the guarantee, not the door / window installation company.

However, there are companies that may make the claim that they have manufacturer’s guarantees and indeed insurance-backed guarantees when they do not. Here are some questions you can use to confirm this:

Q: Do I have to pay for these guarantees?

A: In most instances, no - the guarantee is normally issued free of charge.  There is however, often the opportunity to extend a manufacturer's guarantee and a little money spent now can provide peace of mind in the long run.

Q: Should the manufacturer's guarantee be supported by a guarantee registration card?

A: Manufacturer's guarantees are usually supported by a consumer registration process.  Manufacturers validate the guarantee by asking the consumer to return a registration card with proof of purchase, directly to them.

Q: Are any remedial costs covered with the insurance backed guarantee?

A: All remedial work should be covered under the guarantee.

Q: Are the guarantees transferable?  If I buy a house with PVCu windows and doors, will I be covered by the previous owners guarantee?

A: Not all guarantees are transferable, but it is always worth checking with the installation company.

Q: How do I find a reputable door / window installation company?

A:  Ask your friends and family if they would recommend a company that they have used.