The Linus® Smart Lock

The Linus® Smart Lock is a secure door lock that allows you to open, close, and lock your door - no matter where you are.

How it works
Download the Yale Access app and turn your smartphone or Apple Watch into your key using Bluetooth technology. The intuitive Yale Access app for your Android or iOS device also lets you manage your lock when you are not at home*. You can share access with the people you trust, view activity, unlock your lock and receive notifications.

Connects with Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge* Required for functionalities such as locking/unlocking your door remotely, instant alerts to your phone and for integrations like voice assistants.

Connects with Yale Smart Keypad
Perfect for kids, guests, or your house cleaner to access your home without a smartphone or traditional key. 

Expecting guests? Send a virtual key 
With Linus® Smart Lock, you can grant access to those you trust - from anywhere. 

Auto-lock and unlock as you come and go. Remembering to lock the door in the morning? Thanks to auto-lock, it does not matter but if you feel like double-checking later, you can always see the status of your door in the Yale Access App.

Smart together
Connect your Linus® Smart Lock with leading smart home systems, voice assistants and holiday rental platforms for effortless lock control and access management.