High security guesthouse safe

The High Security Guest Safes will keep their
most important belongings secure and safe with a laser cut door
for protection against attacks and with a guest pin code, they are
able to gain quick access to the safe.
If guests leave the safe locked then the master-code or over-ride
key can be used to gain quick entry to the safe once again.
The internal light gives clear visibility of their valuables and the
internal hooks making it convenient for them to keep things
organised and clearly displayed.

• Suitable for: Independent & boutique hotels, Guesthouse,
Corporate & Student housing
• PIN guest code with 4 to 8 digits and master-code access
• Laser cut door for protection against attacks
• High security mechanical over-ride that includes 1 double
bitted key
• Locking mechanism with two anti saw locking bolts (20mm)
• Lock down for one minute after three incorrect attempts
• Must be securely mounted with fixings provided to a wall
or floor
• Protect documents, jewellery, keys or any other
valuable items

• Automatic door opening mechanism
• Clear LCD keypad display
• Internal light for contents to be easily seen
• Internal hooks for hanging keys or small items