Secure, monitor and control your home with the Yale Smart Home Alarm


The Yale Smart Home Alarm Kit gives you complete control of your alarm system directly from your Smartphone using the easy to use and intuitive Yale Smart Home Alarm App. Ensure your entire home is protected by extending your alarm system with additional accessories from our extensive range, including a PIR Image Camera to view images of the inside of your home.

Yale is taking smart home security to the next level by putting users firmly in control
with its Smart Home Alarm range. The range allows for simpler self-monitoring and
best of all there are no monthly bills. Users  can arm, disarm, configure and control
the system from their smartphone or tablet using the Yale app.
Yale’s Smart Home Alarms receive email alerts, push notifications or even a text when the alarm is triggered for an instant update, making it easier than ever to reap the full benefit of a smart security system.

Yale Smart Home Alarm kits can be extended to include additional accessories,
such as a power switch to turn home appliances on or off remotely, a PIR Image Camera to view images of inside your home, or you could even add a Yale Smart Lock to remotely gain access to your property.

Yale’s SR-3200i kit is ideal as a base unit suitable for the homeowner’s basic security requirements. From there the system can easily be expanded, up to 40 accessories, to suit the user’s requirements for either a small or large family home.
The system also has the capability to be part-armed, so you can set the alarm to secure an area of your choice, while moving freely elsewhere in your home.