Be in when you’re out!


Security specialist Yale has launched its new range of Home View cameras, allowing you to keep an eye on what matters the most remotely from your smartphone or tablet.

Designed to suit modern lifestyles, the indoor surveillance cameras, include the Home View fixed and PTZ (Pan Tilt & Zoom) IP cameras.  These cameras connect wirelessly via Wi-Fi to an Internet connection, providing peace of mind for busy homeowners who want to check in on their property or family at the touch of a button.

Both cameras have an optional motion detection feature that can alert you to movement in the home, as well as a two-way audio feature ideal for listening in.

These devices are great for anyone that wants to quickly and easily monitor their home. Whether it’s to watch over children when they’re home alone or check on your pets throughout the day. The cameras can also be used to keep an eye on home services such as cleaners, babysitters or carers, and in a similar vein, you can install these devices in the homes of elderly parents or relatives, to check on them for added reassurance.

The app is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems, and allows you to control and view live video of your home from anywhere at anytime via your Smartphone or Tablet. This can be given as evidence to police in the unfortunate event of a break-in.

Clint Jones said: “At Yale we place convenience at the centre of our Smart Living range, and develop devices that make everyday life that little bit easier.  More and more homeowners are demanding remote access and control via a smartphone to view their property. As a result, we developed the new Home View camera range, which helps you put family life first. The cameras are simple to setup and ready to use in minutes, while still ensuring a superior standard of security. ’’