1080p Full HD CCTV Cameras now available!

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The Yale Smart HD1080P CCTV system supports remote real time live footage as well as full HD (high definition) video recording and playback which can be backed up via USB transfer. You can even remotely view live footage anywhere in the world using a smartphone or tablet when the system is connected to the internet.

High resolution weather proof cameras with 30 meter infra-red LEDs guarantee super clear viewing with sharper and more detailed footage whether by day or night.  This means your property is fully protected by a watchful eye round the clock.

For easy DIY installation the system is supplied in a kit with everything you need including cameras, DVR with pre-installed 1TB hard drive and 15 metres of cable per camera.  Just follow the steps on the interface for quick, effortless set-up.

A choice of two kit options are available: 2 cameras with a 4 channel DVR or 4 cameras and an 8 channel DVR.  Expand your system with additional 1080P outdoor cameras, or by switching your recorder to NVR mode, one can connect Yale Home View IP based cameras as well. 
All these products are backed by a 2 year guarantee.