Enjoy an enhanced user experience when using our View app

When buying camera surveillance products, most buyers tend to focus only on the camera specs and are often disappointed with their user experience as a result. When selecting a system, it is crucial to ensure that the associated system app is intuitive and offers great features too.

The Yale View app allows users to group cameras with the option of seeing up to 4 cameras at a time for extra visibility. The app works with both of our smart WiFi IP cameras and wired CCTV DVR kits, allowing users to keep an eye on their homes for maximum protection. In addition, the app has share options so you can share viewing with family and friends for added convenience and security.

Personalise your system/s in the app to suit your security needs. Schedule loop recording and even movement detection options for specific days and/or times. Recording can be set on motion detection, like human movement, which is then saved to either the mini-SD Card or DVR’s hard drive depending on the Yale camera being used.

Sort options allow you to further personalise your display of cameras into a list or a grid in your feed. You can even set notifications to know when power is lost to your cameras. Activate a camera listening function or select the separate "speak"/loudspeaker button for two-way voice communication (for Speaker/Microphone cameras).

The app allows you to take snapshots or record what you are viewing on your smartphone. In addition, you can view recorded footage that is saved on the CCTV hard drive/s or on SD card/s of the cameras that you have been granted access to. And you can also grant other Yale View users access to your cameras so they will appear in their app with their own camera feeds.

We are constantly enhancing our smart apps with world-class app designers whilst ensuring utmost security. Yale apps are free to download offering our customers trusted security services from the palm of their hand. And they even connect with the latest personal assistants such as Alexa and Ok Google.