Smart home security innovations designed for everyday


From smartphones, laptops, tablets and voice assistants, we utilise smart gadgets from the minute we wake up in the morning, using this type of technology for work and play.

And these types of smart gadgets have been developed to work alongside a range of connected devices across the smart home market, offering convenience for millions of homeowners across the globe.

As the concept of the ‘smart home’ has continued to grow, it’s smart home security innovations that have really piqued the interest of homeowners. 

And as the global leader in home security, Yale has been dedicated to making smart home security gadgets accessible for all families across the world. 

From smart alarms, security cameras and the world’s first BSI approved smart door locks, Yale has more recently been at the forefront of the smart home security movement.

Offering peace of mind to customers, Yale’s recent range of innovative smart home gadgets have quickly become engrained in their everyday lives, allowing them to check in on their home security anytime, anywhere.

And this year, Yale will be celebrating its 181st birthday, getting ever closer to its second century providing homeowners with innovate security products to ensure homes can stay safe and secure.

With the brand’s unusual mix of heritage and aspirations to offer the latest in smart home security to its loyal customers, Yale has created a range of security solutions that help improve 21st century daily life.

From checking in on your home security when you’re out and about to granting remote access to your home from anywhere at any time, Yale’s smart security innovations have helped to make protecting homes more convenient, without compromising on security.

And with the developments in the sector showing no signs of slowing, Yale continues to be the brand to trust for style, sophisticated technology and, of course, security for homeowners across the globe