Guesthouse Safe


Introducing the Yale high security guest safe. Ideal for any guest house or bed and breakfast.

At Yale, we pride ourselves on protecting the things that matter the most to your guests. With 180 years of trusted expertise, we continue to improve and update our trusted products to make sure you have absolute peace of mind. Our High-Security Guest Safes will keep their most important belongings secure and safe.

For added protection, the safe’s door is laser-cut and the guest can easily set their private pin code. An internal light gives clear visibility of their valuables and the internal hooks make it convenient for them to keep things organised and evenly displayed.
Whether guests want to protect special documents to sentimental belongings such as jewellery, we have the right safe to suit their needs.

And there is no need to worry if guests go and forget to leave the safe open when their stay has ended, a master-code or over-ride key can be used to open the safe once again.

Peace of mind of knowing who and what you love is safe - no matter where you are..
Our experience and expertise in security, makes the difference. Keeping you secure for 180 years.

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