How to install a Yale cylinder


It is advisable to change cylinder locks whenever you move to a new property or when a new tenant moves into your property. You cannot know for sure who has the keys to your home. Replace these locks using the trusted brand in home security “Yale”.

Yale cylinders are a convenient everyday locking solution that are used on PVC, wood, steel, and composite doors, as well as security gates. Tested to strict standards, Yale cylinder locks provide a standard to high level of security for either new or replacement installations.

Simple to install and replace cylinder locks - follow the below instructions for doors:

  • Be sure to measure the door before purchasing a cylinder. Measure the thickness of the door (refer to A & B in the image). Ensure the new cylinder does not protrude more than 5mm past the surface of the door furniture / handle plate for added security
  • Remove, but keep safe, the M5 screw to release the cylinder in the door
  • Remove the cylinder. Use the key to align the cam, if necessary, with the cylinder housing in order to pull out / replace the cylinder. It is important to note that you may need to rotate the key in the cylinder to rotate the cam out of the way in order to remove the cylinder
  • Insert the new Yale cylinder, using the key to assist with lock insertion
  • Turn the key to the unlock position
  • Re-insert the M5 screw and secure the cylinder in place.

Click here to view the range of Yale cylinders available.

how to measure a cylinder lock