Yale Bike Locks


Bike theft is on the increase and it is a persistent problem worldwide. Secure your bicycle this cycling season with a bike lock from Yale...

The frequency of bicycle theft is largely driven by the fact that it is a quick, easy and lucrative crime. More and more bikes are being stolen not only from homes but from cycling events and even off the back or roofs of parked cars. Don't become a statistic and secure your bike with a Yale bike lock.

The new range includes cable and U-lock solutions that have been designed with you in mind. As the leaders in home security, Yale prides itself on its security credentials and its bike locks are no exception. For example, the U-lock has a Patented four-point locking system, heavy-duty cross-bar which provides maximum pull protection, and also has an ultra hardened shackle so your lock offers maximum resistance against cut and impact.

The new double rubber coating on the U-locks, crossbars and cable lockheads help protect the paint on your bike, while metal and thick rubber end caps protect against bumps and hits to minimize damage to both your car and your bike.

All cables feature tough vinyl coatings for long-lasting durability and protection. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about cleaning your lock either, as the new manual keyway seals to keep water, dirt, and grit out. Ideal for those mountain bike enthusiasts.

Whether you use your bicycle for recreation, or for your daily commute to work or school, you can rest assured that Yale will keep you moving forward.