Safety first and a little planning with holidays around the corner

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As the end of the year approaches, it is with excitement that we all look forward to a well-earned rest, festive season celebrations and if you are lucky a holiday away from home. This is also a very busy time when we have to focus on many different things and can be vulnerable to distractions, but you can avoid unnecessary stress with the following hints & tips.

First Aid Safety

Make sure sharp objects and hazardous cleaning materials are stored out of reach from small children.   Keep your pool net on your pool when unattended and make sure that the contents of your first Aid kit have not expired.

Fire safety

Whether in the car, a caravan or kitchen at home, a fire can ignite in seconds.  Always have a fire extinguisher handy and teach your family members know how to use it. 

Internet safety

Secure your passwords and change them regularly.  Ensure your banks have a notification system in place to notify you of all transactions so you can verify them quickly as they are processed. 

Show & tell

Keep keys in a safe & regular place known to all family members.  A key cabinet is useful for key storage where all family members are able to access the keys quickly in an emergency.

If you have an alarm, show your children how to operate the alarm and activate the panic button should there be an emergency.

Use your mobile phone to let your family members know if you are out and about.  Whether in shopping centres, out partying or exercising in the fresh air, consider downloading an app for family members to track your location should you run into trouble. 

Forward planning

If you subscribe to a regular newspaper delivery or a postal service, arrange for a neighbor or friend to assist with collecting this for you.  An overflowing letter box is an obvious advert that you are not at home.

Pack all tools out of sight from opportunistic burglars who could make use of them for quick access into your property.   

A little planning, communication and general awareness, goes a long way to you can making sure your holiday is safe, secure and fuss free.