Yale Padlocks

Designed with 180 years of manufacturing expertise, they have been rigorously tested for added security and resilience for when you need it the most. 

Yale, inspired by the past, is creating the future of security.

Padlock Range

With 180 years of manufacturing expertise, an exclusive  Yale design, and rigorous testing, the new Yale Padlock  range has been built with you in mind.

Standard security padlocks

Perfect for your gym locker, securing your DIY tools in your toolbox or any belongings you want to keep safe and secure indoors. With an exclusive Yale design, different sizes and colours to choose from for your every security need. 

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High security padlocks

Rigorously tested against forms of attack, with corrosion resistance to help them withstand the weather. Ideal for your garden shed, shutters or garden gate.

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Maximum security padlocks

Heavy-duty padlocks for extreme outdoor use like shop shutters, boat moorings and motorbikes. Rigorously tested against forms of attack with boron shackles and double locking for extra security. 

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CEN rating for Yale Padlocks

Yale padlocks are tested against the European Standard EN12320:2012 for padlocks and when they are tested to this standard, they are given a CEN rating (Central European Norm) of 1 to 6, one being the lowest security grade and 6 being the highest.   All Yale padlocks with keys (30mm and above) have a CEN rating. Most standard security padlocks have passed grade 1 or 2, high security padlocks have passed grade 2 & 3 and maximum security padlocks have passed grade 3 & 4. The tests are carried out to replicate all common forms of attack such as cutting, twisting and pulling of the shackle for your peace of mind. 

A journey towards more sustainable packaging

Yale is achieving this by working with other materials for packaging and reducing environmental footprint by 10%. Size of the packaging influences the amount of plastic raw material required therefore the smaller the package, smaller the environmental impacts from the packaging production. Enabling us to improve the sustainability of the Yale Padlock packaging range.