Yale Window locks Security Guarantee terms and conditions


  • The registration guarantee form has been correctly completed in full and received at Yale OEM, School Street, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 3PW or the online registration form has been correctly completed in full at www.yale.co.uk and a confirmation e-mail issued, within 14 days of the windows being fitted.
  • Windows are securely closed, deadlocked with the key and the key removed from the cylinder lock and not in the night vent position.
  • Yale approved key locking handles and British Standards security compliant (PAS11) window hinges are fitted to the windows.
  • Yale window locks have been installed and adjusted in accordance to Yale's installation fitting instructions.
  • All Yale window locks and moving components (locks, handles and hinges) should be kept free of dirt and should be lubricated twice yearly at equal intervals by the registrant with light machine oil.
  • In the unlikely event of a break-in whereby a Yale window lock has been subject to a manual intervention and forced entry have been gained, the registrant shall immediately contact the registrants window installer and provide the installer with full details of the forced entry and the relevant crime number issued by the local Police Force within 14 days of the forced entry.
  • The registrant's installer in conjunction with the original window manufacturer's service engineer will conduct a full investigation.
  • If it is established that the windows were manufactured, installed, correctly and maintained in accordance with Yale's instructions and service manual, Yale may make a payment under the guarantee.
  • Any guarantee payments will be made in two parts:
  1. A maximum payment of £500 (five hundred) to the registrant and,
  2. A payment to a maximum of £500 (five hundred) to the original installer to replace the damaged window.
  • Only one claim shall be made per registrant during the guarantee period.
  • The guarantee period shall be for 10 years from the date of installation of the windows incorporating Yale's window locks and only the original registrant of the guarantee will be able to enforce the rights under this guarantee.

The Provisions Contract (Right of the Third Party) at 1999 shall be excluded