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At Yale, we have a 180 year history of trusted innovation. Everything we are today, we owe to the inspirational ingenuity of Linus Yale Senior and Linus Yale Junior.

The Yale lock tradition started around 1840 when Linus Yale Senior opened up a lock shop specialising in expensive handmade bank locks. Inspired by a 4,000 year old Egyptian wooden lock, he built the first models of the pin-tumblerlock he had developed.

To manufacture them, he built a small lock factory in Newport, USA in 1847. His son, Linus Yale Junior, took up his father’s trade.Technically very talented and with a number of ground-breaking inventions, he made his father’ spin-tumbler lock design suitable for mass production in the early 1860s and changed the industry forever. Linus Yale Junior and his colleague, Henry Towne, established the Yale & Towne Company in Stanford, Connecticut in 1868.

By the early 20th Century, they employed more than 12,000 people and had expanded globally. Even today, the pin-tumbler lock by Linus Yale Junior is the most widely used type of door lock in the world.

Part of ASSA ABLOY Group since 2000,Yale is the leading residential brand of the Group. Beside the world’s most widely used type of door lock, Yale has produced numerous other innovative products such as digital door and cabinet locks, alarms, safes, doors, windows, access systems and hardware for doors and windows.Yale is the brand behind locks of every design and function in over 125 countries.

All over the world, we’re trusted to make homes secure and people feel secure, too.