New Products

Yale Home View Cameras offer peace of mind by allowing you to view inside your home from your Smartphone or Tablet in HD720 quality.

Both cameras have an optional motion detection feature that can alert you to movement, as well as a two-way audio feature, ideal for listening in.
These cameras are ideal for anyone that wants to quickly and easily monitor their home. Whether it’s to watch over older children when they’re home alone or check on cleaners, babysitters or carers throughout the day.
With integrated night vision LEDs, you can clearly see footage up to 8 meters, ensuring peace of mind day or night.


The Yale Smart HD1080P CCTV system supports remote real time live footage as well as full HD (high definition) video recording and playback which can be backed up via USB transfer. You can even remotely view live footage anywhere in the world using a smartphone or tablet when the system is connected to the internet.

High resolution weather proof cameras with 30 meter infra-red LEDs guarantee super clear viewing with sharper and more detailed footage whether by day or night.  This means your property is fully protected by a watchful eye round the clock.

For easy DIY installation the system is supplied in a kit with everything you need including cameras, DVR with pre-installed 1TB hard drive and 15 metres of cable per camera.  Just follow the steps on the interface for quick, effortless set-up.

A choice of two kit options are available: 2 cameras with a 4 channel DVR or 4 cameras and an 8 channel DVR.  Expand your system with additional 1080P outdoor cameras, or by switching your recorder to NVR mode, one can connect Yale Home View IP based cameras as well.  All these products are backed by a 2 year guarantee.


Identify visitors and control their access with the new Colour Video Smart Intercom from Yale… Safety first is key, whether at home, work or school. The Yale Handsfree Video Intercom system has a 4.3” LCD monitor allowing full colour visibility and clear audio identification of visitors at your door or gate, before you let them in. The system is easy to install and can be connected to a gate motor or electronic lock, using the gate release function to control access. At the door station, audio and visual notification happens automatically when a visitor presses the push button on the gate station. The selected melody sounds and clear footage is displayed automatically on the 4.3"colour monitor, in 420TVL resolution with a horizontal viewing angle of approximately 78° wide, from the gate stations 3.6mm built-in camera. The home owner can then decide at a push of a button to activate two way communication or to simply press the release trigger button for their gate or door. For night vision you need not worry either as integrated LED’s in the gate station ensure that additional illumination, when ambient lighting is poor, guarantees optimum night vision right down to 1.5LUX. Coupled with the units rain shield, the gate station achieves an IP 54 rating ensuring that the unit to be suitable for both covered and exposed outdoor conditions. And from the inside, the monitor offers a choice of 16 selectable call melodies while volume, brightness and contrast are also fully adjustable. For fitment convenience, the unit is supplied with a 12V 1A power adapter, premade 10m audio/video cable, additional connectors for users whom need to make up longer cable lengths, mounting brackets, release connectors and fixing screws.

A new generation of smart lock solutions has hit the market with the Keyless Connected Smart lock from Yale. This revolutionary lock offers more than just smart looks, it delivers the ultimate combination of security, convenience and access flexibility in a single lock. The most notable feature being the optional Z-wave module making it compatible with most Smart Home Automation systems. So what does this mean? No more keys needed to open your lock!! Choose between a RF card, phone sticker, tag or PIN code to operate the lock and for multiple users, the system allows for up to 20 user ID's.

Need to watch it. Whether in your home or business, it is important to keep a close watch on your possessions and loved ones. The Yale Easy Fit HD 720P CCTV system supports remote real time live footage, anywhere in the world as well as high definition video recording and playback. The 720P high resolution cameras give larger and more detailed footage of what is happening around your property day and night. This means that your property is well protected around the clock! View footage anywhere in the world using a smartphone, tablet or PC. All you need is an internet connection to your DVR. Interesting Fact... Did you know that MultiChoice / DSTV broadcast it's High Definition signals in two formats, of which one is 720P? The Yale HD 720P CCTV system provides the same super clear viewing format when viewing in conjunction with a High Definition television system/ screen.